DAMPA Leadership Faculty Board

Bamshad Mobasher, PhD Associate Director for Research Relations Read More »
Raffaella Settimi, PhD Associate Director for Education Relations Read More »
Suzanne Fogel, PhD Associate Director for Industry Relations Read More »

Affiliated Faculty

Eli Brown, PhD Visual Computing, Data Analysis and HCI Read More »
Robin Burke, PhD Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Read More »
Jacob Furst, PhD Visual Computing and Computer Security Read More »
Andrew S. Gallan, PhD Marketing and Healthcare Read More »
Jonathan Gemmell, PhD Information Retrieval, Data Analysis and AI Read More »
Marina Girju, PhD Consumer Behavior based on Consumption Data Read More »
Alexander Rasin, PhD Databases, Computer Security and Natural Language Read More »
Tanu Malik, PhD Databases, High Performance and Scientific Computing, Operating Systems Read More »