Industry Partnership Structure

Center Leadership Group

  • Director & Associate Directors
  • Representatives from Major Partners
  • Meets regularly to manage programs and activities and sets the overall direction for the center.

Center Advisory Board

  • Representatives from partners ($5,000 or above)
  • Affiliated faculty
  • Representatives from educational partners (contributing student projects)
  • Other individuals and organizations selected by the Leadership Group
  • Will meet once or twice per year to discuss areas of need, suggest new programs and activities, and assist center in achieving it goals and mission.
  • Special subgroups:
    • Educational Advisory Board (see below)
    • Research Innovation Board (see below)

Educational Advisory Board

  • The EAB includes partners and organizations that are interested in the educational activities of the center, including the MS in Predictive Analytics, certificate programs, and educational/training workshops. Members of the EAB have sponsored at least one real-world student project.
  • EAB specific goals include providing guidance on the MS in Predictive Analytics curriculum and other specialized training and workshops, providing support for internship programs or other training opportunities for students.
  • Meets as needed and reports to the Center Advisory Board and the Center Leadership Group.

Research Innovation Board

  • The Research Innovation Board (RIB) will include the leadership group, selected faculty and industry experts, and representatives from major partners.
  • Decides how and what portion of funds received from industry partners or other potential funding sources will be used to develop a Research Innovation Fund.
  • Partners (at $2,500 or above) or affiliated faculty members can submit project proposals to the fund.
  • Selects projects may be partially funded, and the center facilitates support for the selected projects through its affiliated faculty and other industry partners.
  • The RIB will meet twice a year to review and recommend project proposals, set funding and support priorities, and assist in matching resources with selected projects.

For more information on how to become a partner, please contact Professor Daniela Raicu.