CSC 401

Introduction to Programming

CSC 412

Tools and Techniques for Computational Analysis

CSC 423

Data Analysis and Regression

CSC 424

Advanced Data Analysis

CSC 425

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

CSC 433

Scripting for Data Analysis

CSC 521

Monte Carlo Algorithms

CSC 594

Topics in Artificial Intelligance

CSC 598

Topics in Data Analysis

IT 403

Statistics and Data Analysis

CSC 452

Database Programming

CSC 455

Database Processing for Large-Scale Analytics

CSC 478

Programming Data Mining Applications

CSC 495

Social Network Analysis

CSC 529

Advanced Data Mining

CSC 555

Mining Big Data

CSC 575

Intelligent Information Retrival

CSC 578

Neural Networks and Machine Learning

IPD 451

Big Data and NoSQL Program

IS 549

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

ECT 584

Web Data Mining for Business Intelligence

IS 574

Business Intelligence

IS 578

Information Technology Consulting

CSC 465

Data Visualization

CSC 543

Spatial Databases and Geographic Information System

GEO 441

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Community Development

GEO 442

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Sustainable Urban Development

GPH 565

Designing for Visualization

HCI 512

Information Visualization and Infographics

MGT 559

Health Sector Management

MGT 798

Topic: Managerial & Marketing Epidemiology

MKT 798

Topic: Service Design & Patient Experience

MKT 798

Topic: Health Care Data Analysis

HSP 561

Revenue Management

HSP 562

Hospitality Distribution Channels

HSP 563

Hospitality Data Analysis and Financial Metrics

CSC 481

Introduction to Image Processing

CSC 482

Applied Image Analysis

CSC 576

Computational Advertising

MKT 529

Precision Marketing

MKT 530

Customer Relationship Management

MKT 534

Analytical Tools for Marketers

MKT 555

Decisions in Marketing Management

MKT 595

Internet and Interactive Management

MKT 798

Topic: Service Design & Patient Experience

MKT 798

Topic: Heath Care Data Analysis