Raquel Cadena


Raquel Cadena
MS Data Science in Computational Methods

Raquel was raised both in Bogotá, Colombia and Chicago, Illinois moving back and forth every 2-3 years. As she grew up in polar opposite cities, she became curious about the differences on how to do things. Through her travels, she gained a passion for National Geographic photography, Elon Musk’s work, National Parks, and became a popcorn connoisseur.

Raquel will be an IT Consultant at Microsoft, starting in Fall 2021. She recently graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Now, she is pursuing her master’s degree in data science in computational methods.

As a member of the student board committee, her mission is to empower other students by building connections with other students, professors, and panelists through the events hosted. She sees this as an opportunity to grow within the tech field, and help others grow as well.

Why Data Science?
As Raquel continues to grow and learn more about what technology has to offer, she has noticed the responsibly she holds being in the industry. Her goal and purpose is to be in the backbone in ethics of technology. She wants to continue to understand how to make technology have ethical boundaries, so it is not abused by humans. So, instead of individuals being products of tech, she wants us to work, grow, and learn with it, ethically (safely).

e-mail: raquelcadenap@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquelcadenap/