About the Center

The DePaul Center for Data Science (DePaulDS) is an Interdisciplinary Research Center that brings together the innovative research work and expertise of DePaul faculty in data science, machine learning, and AI. Research areas include biomedical and health informatics, imaging analytics, interactive machine learning, marketing analytics, recommender systems, database forensics, and high performance and scientific computing.

The Center’s educational mission is to nurture the growth of the next generation of data scientists and computer scientists to better prepare them for data-related computing careers. Students work on state-of-the-art research and practice activities under the supervision of faculty members.

The Center is continuously looking for industry collaborations to bridge the gap between the theory and practice, and brings together academics and practitioners through research colloquiums, workshops, and collaborative projects.

Where We're Located

DePaul Center for Data Science

College of Computing and Digital Media

243 S Wabash Ave

Chicago, IL 60604

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Email: dsc@depaul.edu

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