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DePaul Data Science Student Group
About Us

Our Mission

The Data Science Group strives to integrate both undergraduate and graduate students that are interested in Data Science by creating events, workshops, and partnerships for students that want to further their understanding, network, and opportunities within Data Science

Our Goal

The Data Science Group aims to create a community so that students can have a place to gather and create an environment to help each other out for jobs/internships, classes, projects, interests, and so on.

Our Values

    • Community
    • Integration
    • Intellectual Growth
    • Safe Space
    • Transparent
    • Integrity

The Data Science Group has organized events that will help you advance your knowledge in programming language or environments. Also, we are continuously growing our community through coffee chats where you get to meet new students and create friendships throughout your career. If you are interested in participating, click the link below and RSVP!

Our Team

Raquel Cadena

Dawei Wang
Vice President

Tyler Boudart

Maggie Wolff
Marketing Manager

Danyah Khan
Event Manager

Join the committee board

  • If you are interested in being part of the committee, please reach out to one of the members of our team. In order for you to be eligible, please make sure you check off the following requirements:
      • Must have taken the first 3-4 fundamental courses
      • Must have at least 1 year left at DePaul
      • Must be in the Data Science field (Undergraduate or Graduate Student)
      • Must be committed to serving the organization for a minimum of two quarters

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