Corporate Partnerships


  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings.
  • A 2017 study by Career Builder indicates that the average cost of hiring the wrong employee is approximately $17,000.

For many companies, recruiting from a university can be a rigorous process, particularly if there are no significant relationships with the institution. As the business landscape continues to evolve with new technologies and a millennial workforce who have different motivations for job opportunities, the competition for bright young talent becomes increasingly difficult for employers. Recruiting the right individuals who fit well within an organization’s office culture can be daunting—and very costly if the wrong candidate is hired. Therefore, companies recognize the critical nature of having an effective and innovative recruiting and talent acquisition strategy.

A strategic partnership with the Center will add tremendous value and greater success to a company’s recruiting and talent acquisition efforts. By leveraging our location in the heart of the business and technology district, experienced faculty, strong Chicago alumni network and nationally ranked academic centers, DePaul develops talented graduates who are prepared to add immediate value to a diverse and globalized job market.





$15,000 per year, 1-year term | $12,000 per year, 3-year term

  • Recognition as a member, including logo/link on the Center’s website and bi-annual newsletter
  • Promotion of field trips for students to visit corporate office
  • Invitations to attend CDM events
  • Access to CDM facilities for meetings, interviews, focus groups, research collaborations, etc.
  • Industry guest lecturer in up to three (3) CDM classes per quarter
  • Access to a CDM faculty to conduct onsite lunch and learn training or half-day workshop for employees
  • Fees waived for up to three (3) DePaul Career Fairs



$30,000 per year, 1-year term | $25,000 per year, 3-year term

All of the benefits of the Supporter level, plus:

  • Development of research partnerships with faculty and graduate students
  • Appointment of an executive to the Center’s Advisory Board
  • Submission of one industry-sponsored capstone project



$50,000 per year, 1-year term | $45,000 per year, 3-year term

All of the benefits of the Supporter and Associate levels, plus:

  • Sponsorship of a Data Science Challenge
  • Partnership with the Center on a Sponsored R&D Project
  • Establishment of an Executive-in-Residence Program with the Center