Research Colloquium talk – Multi-functional Additive Manufacturing of Smart Materials and Devices

Talk Overview

By combining various materials that serve mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal, and/or optical functions into a component with locally controlled distributions, we can produce composite and multi-material objects with a higher degree of functionality than would normally be found in a pure material part. In addition to material combination, by integrating hierarchial surface structures with dimensions spanning from nanoscale to macroscale, superior functions can be integrated into the component. However, to manufacture such multi-material multi-scale components directly out of a digital model without assembly, grand challenges still exist in material manipulation and localized composition control. In this talk, I will present our recent research in addressing these manufacturing challenges by integrating external fields and patterned light beam in varied additive manufacturing processes. First, I will introduce external field assisted projection stereolithography technologies for productions of functional particle-polymer objects with hierarchical surface structures. After that, I will present a projection light selective melting technology for production of isotropic phase change composites for thermal energy management applications. More energy related applications will be presented with an elevated-temperature direct ink writing method. In these additive manufacturing processes, I will discuss the effectiveness of integrations of external fields and light beam on controlling local material distributions and combining multiple materials. Applications of the 3D printed multi-functional materials and components in sensing and actuating, soft robotics, electronics packaging, and energy storage will be demonstrated.

When: Friday, November 1, 1-2:00pm

Where: CDM Theater 708

Who: Dr. Yayue Pan, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Now the colloquium talks are live-streamed and available on YouTube!

Speaker bio: Dr. Yayue Pan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Her research focuses on multi-material and multi-functional Additive Manufacturing processes for applications in anisotropic composites, sensing and actuating devices, energy management and storage. Dr. Pan holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California. Before joining UIC, she worked as a Research Engineer at 3D Systems Inc. Some of her recent awards include Best Paper Award in 40th MSEC conference, Outstanding Paper Award in 41st SME NAMRC conference, Honorable Mention Paper Award in 8th International Conference on Micromanufacturing, 2017 SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, 2017 University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Engineering Faculty Research Award, and several awards from National Science Foundation of United States.