Research Colloquium talk – Going Big: A Large-Scale Study on What Big Data Developers Ask

Talk Overview

Software developers are increasingly required to write big data code. However, they find big data software development challenging. To help these developers it is necessary to understand big data topics that they are interested in and the difficulty of finding answers for questions in these topics. In this talk, we discuss our large-scale study on Stackoverflow to understand the interest and difficulties of big data developers, study the correlation between popularity and difficulty of big data topics, discuss the implications of our findings for practice, research, and education of big data software development, and investigate the coincidence of our findings with the findings of previous works.

When: Friday, February 7, 1-2:00pm

Where: CDM Theater 708

Who: Dr. Bagherzadeh, Assistant Professor, Oakland University in Michigan

Now the colloquium talks are live-streamed and available on YouTube!

Speaker bio: Dr. Bagherzadeh is a tenure-track assistant professor of Computer Science at Oakland University in Michigan. Before moving to Oakland University, he completed his Ph.D. at Iowa State University in 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Hridesh Rajan.