Jacob Furst, PhD

Visual Computing and Computer Security


  • Email: jfurst@cdm.depaul.edu
  • Phone: (312) 362-5158


  • CDM 741

Jacob Furst, PhD

Jacob D Furst is a Professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) at DePaul University. His research interests are in medical informatics with applications of machine learning and data mining to medical image processing and computer vision. His current work concentrates on being able to generate semantically meaningful information about lung nodules in computed tomography images of the human torso. Dr. Furst also has a strong interest in computer security and is the director of the DePaul Information Assurance Center. He has helped design two majors and three courses in the CDM security curriculum. He has taught Secure Electronic Commerce, Social Aspects of Information Security, Information Systems Security, Host Based Security, and Introduction to Networking and Security. Dr. Furst earned his PhD in computer science from UNC Chapel Hill; he has a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

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