Research Areas

√  Artificial Intelligence

      Dr. Bamshad MobasherDr. Daniela Raicu / Dr. Jonathan Gemmell  / Dr. Robin Burke

√  Biomedical and Health Informatics

      Dr. Daniela Raicu / Dr. Jacob FurstDr. Jonathan Gemmell

√  Computer Security

      Dr. Alexander Rasin / Dr. Jacob Furst

√  Database, Forensic Analysis, Database Management Systems, Scientific Data Management

      Dr. Alexander Rasin / Dr. Tanu Malik

√  Data Analysis, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning

      Dr. Bamshad Mobasher  /  Dr. Daniela Raicu / Dr. Eli Brown / Dr. Jonathan Gemmell / Dr. Raffaella SettimiDr. Robin Burke

√  Human Computer Interaction and Visualization

      Dr. Eli Brown

√  Imaging Informatics, Visual Analytics, and Visual Computing

      Dr. Daniela Raicu / Dr. Eli T. Brown / Dr. Jacob Furst

√  Operating Systems, High Performance, and Scientific Computing

      Dr. Tanu Malik

√  Recommender Systems, Web Data Mining

      Dr. Bamshad Mobasher / Dr. Jonathan GemmellDr. Robin Burke