Data Science South Korea / US Global Lab

DSKUS Accepted Students (2022)

Jin Jae Lee

MS In Data Science

Hanyang University

Kyungsik Han

Project: Disinformation campaigns and social media

Bio: Hello. I am Jinjae Lee, majoring in Data Science at Hanyang University. I am currently in the third semester of the master’s program and working as a researcher in Professor Casey Bennett’s lab. I am delighted to be able to do this meaningful work with DePaul University and Indiana University students. I actually hesitated before applying to this program because I believed that communication is an essential skill for collaboration. I am still worried about communicating with students from other schools because my English is not good. Fortunately, I’ve met very good team members and I’m getting a lot of help, and I want to carry out the project well to the end with the team members.