DSKUS professor

Ilyas Ustun, PhD, Principal Investigator
DePaul University, CDM
Email: iustun@depaul.edu

Ilyas Ustun is a data enthusiast – his favorite being data visualization and data mining. He has over 10 years of data analytics and predictive modeling experience in various fields including business analytics, transportation analytics, sensory data analytics, digital agriculture, health analytics, medical informatics, and metabolomics. Ilyas earned his Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering with summa cum laude. He earned his Ph.D. with a focus on transportation analytics and worked as a data scientist in digital agriculture. He has taught data science courses at the University of California Berkeley, University of Virginia, and DePaul University. He currently serves as the Director of the DePaul University Center for Data Science. His research interests include applied machine learning in the areas of business analytics, transportation analytics, and health analytics Ilyas enjoys attending data analytics conferences and meetups. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with his kids, swimming, exploring nature, and playing video games. You can check his website www.datacademy.co dedicated to “All Things Data”. Reach him by email iustun@depaul.edu and ilyasustun@gmail.com, follow him on twitter @_ilyas_ustun_ and connect with him on LinkedIn at ilyasustun.

Raffaella Settimi, PhD, Associate Professor
DePaul University, CDM

Email: rsettimi@cdm.depaul.edu
Raffaella Settimi is an Associate Dean at the School of Computing of DePaul University. She received a M.Sc. in Statistical Sciences from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Perugia (Italy) in 1995. Her research interests include applications of machine learning techniques to housing market segmentations and urban studies, Bayesian learning and latent variable modeling. Her work on these topics has appeared in several international journals, and conference proceedings. Her research has been supported by grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), Argonne National Laboratory, and McArthur Foundation.

Casey Bennett,Associate Professor
School of Intelligence Computing
Hanyang University

Email: cabennet.iu@gmail.com

Casey Bennett is an Associate Professor in the School of Intelligence Computing at Hanyang University in Seoul (Korea). Formerly, he served as a data scientist at several major healthcare organizations: Cigna, CVS Health, and Centerstone Research Institute (CRI). He received his PhD from the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. His current work includes utilizing robotic pets for therapeutic purposes with elderly patients, development of robotic sensor systems for tracking in-home patient health, and studying social cognition through human-robot interaction to create more life-like AI devices. He has published dozens of scientific articles, interviewed by several national magazines and nationally syndicated talk shows, and personally trained hundreds of aspiring data scientists across the globe.

Patrick Shih, Assistant Professor
Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University Bloomington
Email: patshih@indiana.edu

I am an Assistant Professor of Informatics in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University Bloomington. He is a Senior Member of ACM, and directs the Societal Computing Lab (SoCo Lab). He is also director of Graduate Studies for Data Science at IU. His research focuses on how to better support health and wellbeing, specifically that of underserved and vulnerable populations, through the design, development, and evaluation of sociotechnical systems and community-based mechanisms, as well as animal-assisted therapy. Prior to joining IUB, he was a Research Associate and Lecturer in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State. He received my Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science from UC Irvine, where he was a Chancellor’s Fellow, M.S. in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University, and B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA. He also worked at Microsoft Research and IBM Research.

Kyungsik Han,Associate Professor
Department of Data Science
Hanyang University

Email:  kyungsikhan@hanyang.ac.kr

Kyungsik Han is an associate professor in the Department of Data Science (affiliated with the Department of Artificial Intelligence) at the Hanyang University. His research interests focus on human-computer interaction, human and AI interaction, social computing, and virtual/augmented reality. He is studying how people use and interact with technology through social and psychological standpoints, building intelligent computer systems, and suggesting design insights and implications for better user experience. He received his PhD from Penn State University.

Hyungwook Yim, Assistant Professor
Department of Cognitive Sciencess
Hanyang University

Email: hwyim@hanyang.ac.kr

Hyungwook Yim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. He received his PhD in Developmental Psychology and Computational Modeling from the Ohio State University in 2015. From 2016 to 2021, he was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Newcastle and the University of Melbourne in Australia. As a computational cognitive scientist, his research focuses on specifying the mechanisms that enable us to learn and acquire knowledge, and understanding how these learning mechanisms change over time, through experience, and development. Methodologically, he has been examining human behavior (infants, children, and adults) using various methods such as eye-tracking, electroencephalography (EEG), and experience sampling, and by building computational models that better explain these behavioral patterns.

Haixu Tang, Assistant Professor
Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University
Email: hatang@indiana.edu

Haixu Tang is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Director of the Data Science Academic Programs in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University Bloomington. He is a Grant Thornton Fellow, and the recipient of the Early Career Award from the National Science Foundation in 2007.