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Data Science South Korea / US Global Lab

2022 Projects

Project NumberProject Title Students Involved Faculty Mentor, University Affiliation
1.Addressing climate change and reducing reliance on coal-fired plants, expanding renewable energy sources, reducing the industrial use of fossil fuel, and accelerating a transition toward electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Byeongho Choi,
Sarah Choe, Seongcheol Kim,
Tyler Boudart.
 Hyungwo-ok Kim, Hanyang University.
2.Political instability due to climate change, e.g. migration-related or food security or social unrest. Cahelin Lim,
Yejin Chae.
 Raffaella Settimi, DePaul University.
3.Disinformation campaigns, particularly related to social media use in different countries such as authoritarian states like Russia or China. Jin Jae Lee,
Jiyeong Oh,
Michael Ing,
Varsha Sajja.
Kyungsik Han, Hanyang University.
4.Mitigating disruptions in the global supply chain caused by the continued COVID-19 pandemic, could be transportation-related in general or industry-specific, e.g. semiconductors.Carlos Guzman,
Cody Lee,
Euidam Kim,
Janghoon Yu.
 Ilyas Ustun,
DePaul University.
5.Partnering to provide responsible, well-targeted development assistance around the world, especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America … how and where should foreign aid be targeted to return the biggest benefits. Eunseo Yoon,
Gerardo Sandoval, Hansae Cho, Spoorthi Chamala.
 Patrick Shin,
University of Indiana.
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