Data Science South Korea / US Global Lab

DSKUS Accepted Students (2022)

Jiyeong Oh

BS In Data Science

Hanyang University

Kyungsik Han

Project: Disinformation campaigns and social media

Bio: Hi, my name is Jiyeong Oh. I am currently studying data science as a junior student in Hanyang University, Korea. Learning major concepts of Data Science and its basic analysis methods, I have been very attracted to finding patterns in “a pile of seemingly meaningless figures” and processing the patterns into important insights. With the goal of becoming a Data Scientist who contributes to social and corporate development through the insights, I am exploring through various experiences to determine what domains of data I will deal with, in the future. Running interesting team projects with students from other countries, DSKUS has been exposing me to learn the use of data science for tackling real-world international policy.