Center Leadership Faculty Board

Ilyas Ustun, PhD
Center Director

Bamshad Mobasher, PhD
Associate Director for Research Relations

Raffaella Settimi, PhD
Associate Director for Education Relations

Suzanne Fogel, PhD
Associate Director for Industry Relations

Affiliated Faculty

Alexander Rasin, PhD
Databases, Computer Security and Natural Language

Eli Brown, PhD
Visual Computing, Data Analysis and HCI

Jacob Furst, PhD
Visual Computing and Computer Security

John McDonald, PhD
Graphics / Animation, Data

Jonathan Gemmell, PhD
Information Retrieval, Data Analysis and AI

Roselyne Tchoua, PhD
Information Extraction, Machine learning and Natural Language Processing

Sharief Oteafy, PhD
IoT, Tactile Internet, Big Sensed Data

Tanu Malik, PhD
Databases, High Performance and Scientific Computing, Operating Systems

Thiru Ramaraj, PhD
Computational Biology, Applied Bioinformatics, OMICS Data Science

Dr. Raicu, PhD