Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholars Program 2024

Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholars Program

The Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholars Program Summary

DePaul Center for Data Science is pleased to announce the Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholar Program.

The Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholars Program makes a deep investment in a diverse data science workforce by immersing five undergraduate students in a rigorous research program at the DePaul Center for Data Science. With one-on-one mentoring, students carry out a 12-month data-driven project, gaining technical proficiency, academic experience, and 21st-century data science skills. Coaching from dedicated DePaul faculty including Ilyas Ustun (Principal Investigator), and the CO-PIs Daniela Stan Raicu, Jacob Furst, Thiru Ramaraj, Roselyne Tchoua, and Motorola Solutions Foundation volunteers helps students identify career pathways and see themselves as data scientists.

At the core of the program, is a paid research position providing the framework for ongoing activities that are designed to promote a sense of belongingness, cultivate awareness of data science career pathways, and increase the capacity of students to attain data science degrees and pursue rewarding careers in this high-demand field. The program will achieve these outcomes by increasing access to near-peer role models, faculty mentors, and industry coaches and by providing academic research opportunities.

DePaul Center for Data Science is an interdisciplinary center bringing together DePaul faculty in data science, machine learning, and AI. The Center’s educational mission is to nurture the next generation of data scientists to better prepare them for data-related computing careers. In keeping with DePaul University’s social justice mission, faculty and the selected students will leverage the power of data science to address pressing social, medical, and science-related issues. 

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